Learn to Play Casino Craps – The Hardway Bets

Learn to Play Casino Craps - The Hardway Bets

Be smart, play smart, learn how to play casino craps the right way!

The hardway bets are one of the most difficult bets you’ll face as a newcomer at the craps table. Like anything else, these bets are designed to scare the horses and probably get the crowd cheering. They were first developed in England as hedge against the horses betting too high (purposely so that the casino would be paid less for Tide betting, a very popular bet at the time). hedge against is still used in England today in the place bets on the Egp88, though the edge is typically not much of a hedge against bettor’s advantage.

The house edge on the hardway bets is usually 14.4% (www.expost.com). The proposition bets at 7/1 and 10/1 bet the same as the hardway bets, and bet the number 7 or 10 as the point instead. That gives you the advantage of betting low for a known edge to win at the most. Obviously, if the casino is paying 14.4% as a fee for your picks, you’ll need to be betting low for a good portion of your bankroll to be intact.

If you can bet low, you can bet multiple numbers. You can bet $5, $10, and $20 on the same row of numbers, and if ever one of them wins, you’ll get the full bet back plus the profits. If you bet $50 on 2 numbers and they both hit, you’ll win $80 for each number. These bets can be a little more profitable, but more riskier too.

Hard ways are the traditional bets that pay out at true odds. True odds are the actual payouts that are associated with the number. If you bet 1/1 and the seven hits on the first number, you win $1. If you bet $1, $4, $8, $16, $32, and the seven hits on the second number, you win $7. You obviously don’t win $32, but you do win $7, and nothing else. So at $1/4, $32 is the true odds. The four numbers are 8 timespread ( true odds are 9/4 or 50.00%) and the eight numbers are 4 timespread (10.00%). Therefore, the true odds are 1.20 (1.20-1.20-1.20). Therefore, the house advantage is .84 .84-1. Selecting any number other than a six or eight will also give you the true odds; however the odds are longer; .56 .90-1.

There are 4 ways to bet, selecting a hardway bet, a field bet, a pick 6, and a straight bet. The hardway bets require you to bet $1, $2, $3, $4, $6, $8, $10, $12, $20, and $30. The field bets require you to bet $4, $8, $12, $20, and $40. The pick 6 and straight bets require a bet of $6-$1. The six and eight are the most popular numbers. When a six or eight rolls, you win $3. For a five or nine, you win $6. For a four or ten, you win $8. For a wildcard number, you win $14.

The minimum and maximum bet are determined by the number of marbles dealt. You can bet a dollar ($1) or two dollars ($2) per marlette spin, per spin. The maximum bet is $50, thus you could bet two ($2) slots and two ($1) wildcards. The minimum bet is $1.

After you have chosen your machine and have acquired the necessary information about thelimits of bets, write down your chosen numbers, put the coins into the machine, turn the handle to make the reels spin, and watch to see if the reels stop at the limits you have set. If they stop at your limits, do not use the coins to complete your bet, but rather, leave them in the machine; cash out your coins. Always double your initial bet when you are winning.

By looking at the position of the cheering marbles on each pay line, you can determine the limits of your possible bets by counting the marbles on each pay line. Each additional bet you place after the first bet will add to the cost of your bet. For example, if you have bet $1 on the first bet and $2 on the second, you can net $1 on the third bet. You can also take the cost of the second bet off your bet by placing the bet a second time.

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